About the project

wahlbrief is a project run by Mehr Demokratie e.V. for the 2021 federal election. We want as many people as possible to take part in the election.

There are many cases where postal voting is the easiest and most convenient way to vote. We help to apply for postal voting documents online from the relevant election office within 2 minutes.

Mehr Demokratie e.V. is a non-partisan, non-profit association that campaigns for more direct democracy and citizen participation.

Concept and realisation: Juris Vetra, Johann-Friedrich Salzmann

An open source project by Mehr Demokratie. 2023

Every vote counts.

A strong democracy thrives on a high voter turnout. In Germany, this is usually between 60 and 80 percent: this means that many millions of citizens do not vote on which member of parliament represents them in parliament and which party they want to be governed by. We are committed to ensuring that more people who are eligible to vote do so, and that the hurdles for doing so are as low as possible.

Elections in Germany usually take place on Sundays. Eligible voters can cast their vote between 8am and 6pm at an assigned polling station at their main residence. For some people this is not possible due to work or other commitments, others are out of town or ill on the election date.

There are other good reasons why citizens do not vote on the day of the election, even though they would like to do so in principle. We believe that postal voting is a good way for everyone to vote easily and in good time in advance - at any time, from anywhere and free of charge. With the Corona pandemic, postal voting has become even more systemically important.

Many people do not know how easy it is to apply online for an absentee ballot.
wahlbrief helps to prepare the application for an absentee ballot, checks for completeness and determines the address of the responsible office based on the registration address. The application text can then be sent by e-mail to the electoral office of the main place of residence. We do not store or transmit any personal data in the process; the e-mail is sent from your own e-mail programme.

An open source project by Mehr Demokratie. 2023